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All you need to know about the Virtual Reality

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All you need to know about the Virtual Reality
Technology has played a major role in the advancement of human civilization in the world today. With the likes of virtual reality, we can suspend our beliefs on what is real and what is fake in this technology world today. Virtual reality is known for creating an artificial environment for the user for which he/she accepts it for an actual environment. Majorly, virtual reality can be experienced via two senses that is; vision and sound. 3D image is a perfect example of the simpler virtual reality that can be accessed using a personal computer. Currently, virtual reality has been integrated primarily in two fields, training & education and gaming & interactive story building. The vr software is created for different purposes depending on its usage and application.

There are numerous applications of virtual reality and some of them is that one can choose from
• Enhanced realities
• Entertainment and Leisure
• Sales and Marketing
• Training and Simulation
• Operations in hazardous or remote environments
• Concept and Data Visualization
• Planning and Maintenance
• Architectural Walk-through
• Design Evaluation and more

There are numerous types of virtual reality for which specific VR software is created, some of them are
• QTVR (QuickTime Virtual Reality )
• Immersive Virtual Reality
• Telepresence
• Desktop Virtual Reality
• Enhanced Reality

In most of the cases, the virtual reality software is developed basically for
• The stimulation of real-like environments like a jungle, army base, building’s interior, space and more. This makes educating and training people more effectively.
• The game developers use it to create an imagined environment. Also, it can be used as a part of an educational adventure.

Development of virtual reality software:-
For designing the VR applications and software, the developers primarily focuses on its crystal clear app screens. It is an important aspect for every VR design. The difference between normal software and VR software is that it consists of a dual window. A skillfully developed VR will immerse the user in its environment. Therefore, the developer focuses mainly on the interactions, timing, sound, lighting, and space. Along with that, he will make sure that there is a sort of traditional content in so that the design provides a feel of sense.

Performance of VR applications:-
For making the best out of a VR, it is recommended that it should be operated at the minimum of 90 frames per second (FPS), however, most of the mobile devices only accept 60 frames per second for mow. The frame rate is a serious concern while developing a VR application as it is harder to achieve the desired frame rate for a particular platform. Due to its immersive environment, the developer has to find alternate solutions for giving it the desired frame rate.

Effect of bad frame rate:-
Amongst the users, there have been cases where they have complained about feeling slightly dizzy after their VR experience. This is due to the messed up frame rate which leads to motion sickness as well.

Thus, designing VR applications is not an easy task and only experienced developers are able to design user-friendly VR applications.