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The Different Ways A Drink Driving Solicitor Can Help You

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A drunk driving offense is one of the biggest offenses a driver can get. The courts do not look favourably on any drunk driving related offense. It almost goes without saying that it is important that you have a drink driving solicitor on your side to assist you with your case. This legal professional can help you fight for either a dismissal or an acquittal.

However, there cannot be any claims of extreme hardship can be argued when the solicitor is defending you on a drunk driving offense.

The Different Types Of Offenses

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or prescription medication are not the only driving offenses related to drinking that will lead to a loss of a driver’s license. A defendant can also lose his/her license. A defendant can also be punished if they do not offer a specimen, and they can also be punished if they are in charge of a vehicle. This means they can get a ban on their driving even if they are not in the driver’s seat.

All of these offenses are prosecuted through the court system,and defendants will not receive an offer for a Fixed Penalty Notice. Also, keep in mind that the initial charge may also be accompanied by other charges.

Cases that are more serious, and those who are repeat offenders may receive additional fines and/or imprisonment. The good news is that hiring a drink driving offense will help avoid paying additional fines, possibly avoid jail time and also ensure that you do not lose your driving privileges.


It is important that you are able to keep your license whether you need to transport your kids or go to work. Unfortunately, getting arrested for a drunk driving offense does not only mean that you will face financial penalties and/or a jail sentence, you will automatically lose your license.

Several offense fall under the umbrella of drunk driving including:

  • Driving while unfit (impaired)
  • Failing to provide a urine or blood specimen

However, all of these driving offenses carry fines and penalties that are very similar. The court is obligated to ban the driving privileges of a defendant that is convicted of any of these driving offenses. The only exceptions are extenuating circumstances that can be successfully argued.

Defence Strategies

There are some drunk driving cases where there is a delay between the time you are reported driving while under the influence, and the time when the road side test is administered.

For example, you may have been reported while leaving a bar or pub, but the police did not arrive to your home until some time later. During this time lapse, you may have had a drink at home that raised your legal limit. This is referred to as the Hip Flask Defense.

The readability of the equipment used during testing can also be argued in a drunk driving defence. An investigation will be conducted to see if the equipment was working properly while the test was being administered.

A drink driving solicitor will help you with your drunk driving offense. Find a reputable and experienced lawyer who can get you an acquittal of your case.